A word with the winner

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Round 3 of the Just Car Insurance Australian Drifting GP saw the tour head back to the Sunshine State after a four year hiatus! The layout at Queensland Raceway proved a high end tyre was the key to success and with some hungry fresh talent thrown in the mix it really stirred things up once again.

Local boy and previous Two Time Australian Champion Rob Whyte has had a tough road to get back on top however he powered on harder than ever and took the win in front of his home crowd, Championship Manager Brett Wilkinson caught up with Rob to get the inside scoop!

1 - Big Names Back 2


ADGP: Congratulations on the win, the championship for you didn’t start off as well as planned with the walls at The Dome and AIR bitting hard but you must be pumped to finally stand back on the top step?

RW: Yes, we have had a disappointing start to the season with two crashes, both inside the Top 8 at Round 1 and 2. We were excited to keep our car fairly straight and out of trouble all weekend and It was a great win for the team especially in front of a home crowd.


ADGP: Round 3 was at Queensland Raceway, it’s your home track, it’s been 4 years since you have been able to turn it on in front of your home crowd, did this contribute to your success last Saturday?

RW: Yes definitely , there is no longer a Pro Level competition at Queensland Raceway, so when I got the chance to compete there it’s awesome. Our friends and local fans don’t get to see us on track in the flesh very often so I tried to push hard all day and didn’t hold back!

ADGP: Now, you were the Australian Champion two years running, in 2014 you released an all new machine, it’s a serious bit of kit, but the 2014/15 Season was one I’m sure you want to forget, has it taken a lot longer than you hoped to get the 370Z dialled in?

RW: Oh Yes, there was a lot of major setbacks with the new car and it had to almost be rebuilt from scratch and this time, correctly!

It has been extremely stressful and costly! Not to mention damaging on my repulation with our team Sponsors due to not being able to get a good result all season. A big Thanks though goes to the team at Japanese Parts and Performance as we now have ourselves a car that can clearly win again! It’s only now that the bugs have been ironed out that I have started to get a feel the car and can drive it the way I need, to compete with the current level of talent in the championship this year.

7 - WhyteVsYates 

ADGP: This win has set your championship hopes alive again, your now sitting 3rd with only 6 points the gap to the leader, what’s your plan of attack for the “Title Fight”?

RW: Lucky for me I have been in this situation a couple times now where the final will decide my fate , I think it’s all about how you can handle the pressure! It’s very easy to make a mistake when you’re not relaxed.

So keeping my cool and trying not to do anything dumb under pressure will be the key!

ADGP: It’s at Barbagallo Raceway, it’s a high horsepower, max grip track, who’s your biggest threat for the crown?

RW: I think half the field are a threat these days! There is a heap of drivers that have the talent to win a round of ADGP! If I had to choose my biggest threats it would be Rosenblatt , JB and Yates.

They all have the Horsepower and know what it takes to win. I will definitely have to drive at 110% when it comes to battles against those guys!