Rob Whyte Motorsport Racing Team on the Gold Coast

Racing, Drifting & Super Truck Driving

Rob Whyte Motorsport is an internationally acclaimed professional race team based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Since 2016, we have been wowing audiences with our extreme drifting and revved-up stadium super trucks. The crew at our large racing premises includes highly skilled, full-time mechanics—armed with the advanced equipment and technical expertise to keep Rob Whyte functioning at peak performance.

Within just a few short years, Rob Whyte has become one of the biggest names in drifting—both locally and overseas. A two-time Australian Drifting Champion, and the winner of numerous accolades and achievements, Rob is fast making a name for himself in the industry. We invite you to come along for the ride as the Rob Whyte team blazes new trails in the world of motorsport.


Rob Whyte Holding Up a Trophy

Rob Whyte’s passion for motorsport and driving excellence has propelled him from victory to victory over the years. His love of drifting and racing began at the go-kart track—as it does for many driving legends. However, Rob’s journey to international acclaim would proceed down a slightly different track than most.

After discovering he had a natural talent for controlling over-steer, Rob became steadily more interested in drifting. He quickly developed a love for wet weather race days, as they gave the opportunity to let his controlled sliding skills really shine through. The drifting bug bit harder in 2007, when Rob satisfied his growing thirst for adrenaline behind a bigger wheel.

Attending local drift practice nights in a standard road registered car, Rob sharpened his talents extensively before taking the big step from his home turf to the national stage in 2011. 

Rob’s career was really off and running after this point. His debut was extremely successful, and he raised the bar even further next year—taking out the 2012 Australian Drifting Championship. Since then, Rob has continued to veer from one triumph to another. He has entered the sports pinnacle of Formula Drift, as well as toured with legends in the profession—including Ken Block for Monster Energy. It’s clear that his journey to drifting superstardom has only just begun.

Rob Whyte is renowned locally and internationally as a drifting champion. He also oversees the much-celebrated Drift Masters Australia event—giving amateurs the chance to test their drifting skills and showcase incredible steering talent.

The stadium trucks that Rob Whyte operates produce 600 horsepower and generate speeds upwards of 205 kilometres per hour. The stadium races Rob takes part of feature ramps that propel these trucks nearly 20 feet off the ground.

Created by drifters for drifters, the Drift Masters Australia event showcases grassroot talent and gives amateur drivers the chance to go professional. It also offers fantastic entertainment for motorsport fans.


In only a few short years, Rob Whyte and his team have managed to amass a variety
of achievements, awards and accolades. These include the following:
Smoke Coming From Tyres of a Drifting Sports Car
Australian Drifting Champion
White Sports Car Drifting Around a Corner
Achilles Radial Drift Team
Rob & Josh at the Track
2012 & 2013 ADGP Champion
Rob Whyte Drifting Car Sideways on the Track
2-Time Australian Drifting Champion & Stadium Super Truck Driver
Rob Whyte is set to build on these considerable successes and leave a resounding legacy in
the world of motorsport.